Word-of-Mouth Referral Program

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 7, 2022

Word-of-Mouth Referral Program

The maximizer-multiplier effect (discussed in my last post) is also the basis of an important acquisition channel for PMs.

Referral programs.

When we devise one, most of the attention is paid to make the "offer" appealing.

"For every friend you refer, you get X."

Now, consider this.

With a referral program, you're essentially asking a customer to become a multiplier.

However, I claimed that one can become a multiplier only if they are a maximizer AND love being one.

To create a maximizer, you need to deliver value with consistent delight.

Do it enough times & you'll realize that they will assume a multiplier role even without you offering them an incentive.

Thus, the best referral scheme turns out to be organic word-of-mouth driven by exceptional product experience.

However, if you "target" a referral program to the right maximizers, your conversions will be through the roof.


Because unlike "cold" users, they will not just forward a referral code.

They will additionally "sell" your product to their contacts with zeal in a manner you never can.

That is Referral Zen.

Maximize first. Multiply later.

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