Why Is 1 to 1 a Gamechanger

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 11, 2022

Why Is 1 to 1 a Gamechanger

I used to dread 1 to 1s with supervisors.

They felt like this recurring judgment trial where I had to defend my worth.

I felt a need to showcase a list of accomplishments to show why I deserved to be on the payroll.

But then a dear friend made me realize something.

In the right environment & culture, the 1 to 1 is actually a perk.

Because its not supposed to be for the manager.

It's supposed to be for the employee.

Say what?

He told me:

1. The 1 to 1 is a safe space to self-evaluate what went well and what didn't and solicit advice to improve.

Because this is in the best interest of both parties.

2. It's a sounding board session to check if your priorities make sense and align well with the overall business.

3. It's an opportunity to identify roadblocks (hiring, approvals etc.) and brainstorm how they can be overcome.

4. It's a chance to bring up personal development and career goals.

When I took this approach and saw our #management support it, I felt free.

No, it didn't make me less accountable.

If anything, it made me feel more ownership.

Most importantly, it gave me courage to share bold ideas and my personal challenges that I struggled with.

1 to 1s can be a gamechanger if played right.

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