Motivation For The Day

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 7, 2022

Motivation For The Day

If you feel you're at an unfair disadvantage in your career, you need to learn more about Jim Abbott.

Jim was a professional baseball pitcher in the MLB (major league baseball).


Jim wasn't born with a right hand.

He would pitch, field and bat with his left.

With sheer determination & effort, he learned how to release a pitch with his left hand, keep his glove in position by supporting it with his right forearm & switch in time to field the ball in case he had to pick it up.

Any achievements?

Yes. Jim threw down a no-hitter.

A no-hitter is when a pitcher doesn't concede a single base hit in an entire game (let alone a run).

No-hitters are incredibly hard to pull off for even the most accomplished pitchers. There have been only 300 odd no-hitters in the history of baseball.


1. If you don't have that coveted degree, a starry network or a prized ability to code, you can still offset that setback through hard work & making the best of what you do have.

2. Differently abled people don't get it easy. The opposition would always try exploiting Jim's weaknesses. People like Jim are required to rise above that & compete. So, what excuse do the rest of us have?

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