How To Live Your Life To The Fullest?

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Sep 26, 2022

How To Live Your Life To The Fullest?

The circle of life is built on a "give and take" protocol.

The "give" part has two forms.

1- You give to "add value":

Give: You solve a problem with your product.

Take: They purchase your paid plan.

Give: You share insightful content.

Take: You win a subscriber.

2- Or you "give up":

Give up: I cut down my gaming time to study for hours.

Take: A passing grade sufficient for college.

Give up: Parents cancelled their vacations to economize spend.

Take: Savings to fund child's education.

Give up: Friends slept less & left their home countries.

Take: Send generous remittances home.

Give up: We collectively blurred the distinct lines between office and home for WFH setups & avoided meeting people we intensely love.

Take: Slowed down the spread.

Notice a trend here?

Give up X, get Y back (where Y is perceived to be greater than X).

The sacrifice of Eid is unique in that way.

Here, the very act of letting go IS the prize.

"Giving up" is a training ground.

Because the One asking for the sacrifice doesn't need it for His Benefit. He wants it for yours.

In this way, He reminds us of a crucial lesson that we tend to forget.

That our success in the world and the Hereafter is hinged on our spirit of sacrifice in all walks of life.

Thus, this act is:

  • A gesture that we are ready to sacrifice our preferences for the greater good
  • A commitment that we are prepared to sacrifice our petty desires to uphold what's right
  • A resolve that we will gladly sacrifice our benefit when the pre-requisite requires us to exercise malevolence e.g. lie, deceive or cheat to attain it

When the deed is done, you realize that the "give" is as beautiful as the "take".

Let this year's sacrifice be a turning point for us.

To be better versions of ourselves.

To be benefactors of humanity.

To be defenders of what's right.

Eid Mubarak.

May this Eid be a source of blessings for you and your family. May Allah accept our sacrifices.

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