How King Frederick II Do Product Marketing?

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Sep 26, 2022

How King Frederick II Do Product Marketing?

In the 18th century, King Frederick II came across potatoes, a South American export, and saw an opportunity to diversify his nation's diet with an affordable vegetable.

Farmers, however, refrained from growing it because it "looked" dirty.

The king could have used force to get his way. He could have mandated it, imposed taxes on other grain, installed punishments for those who dare disobeyed him or kept campaigning on how wonderful potatoes were.

But Frederick II was a branding genius.

He did what the best product marketers effortlessly do.

I call it "sculpting perceptions".

He termed the potato as a royal vegetable, grew a patch of potatoes on his property and ordered 24/7 guard duty to protect it. (he also instructed the guards to go easy and allow for infractions).

Seeing this, people thought the king knew something they didn't, perhaps, that potatoes had some intrinsic value?

Intrigued, they started stealing from the king's patch and creating an underground cartel.

Boom. This kicked off the potato's uptake.

Product marketers try hard to influence by reason. Data sheets and white papers and all.

They have their place, of course.

But appealing to the customer's emotions creates a different breed of loyalty.

No, it's not deception.

It's working more on how they feel about you, rather than what they think/know about you.

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