7 Tips For An Easy Prototype

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 7, 2022

7 Tips For An Easy Prototype

7 Prototyping tips for Product Managers/Designers:

1. Paper/pen first

Before you start using your tool, create a storyboard for the happy flow on paper. Iterate. It will save you tons of time later on.

Better yet, whiteboard it with a few team members.

2. Dial up fidelity gradually

Start with a fundamental layout. Get all the elements in. Add in richer details in a subsequent pass.

3. Care about bookends

A common problem with most prototypes is that the viewer doesn't know how the flow started and where the user ends up. Specify this.

4. Copy matters

Without good copy, your prototype is like a printer without ink. No lorem ipsum. It needs to be meaningful even it's not final.

Titles, descriptions, pop-ups, messages - these can make or break the design. Don't ignore them.

5. Organize

Properly label pages and categorize them in folder structures from the start. Make it easy for others to follow your sitemap.

6. Remember to Stitch

Prototypes are supposed to function. At the very least, make significant CTAs clickable. For key flows, make fields active too. A bunch of independent pages dampens the impression.

7. Collaborate

Use a tool that allows others to pin contextual comments on the design. Figma / Axure are a couple of options.

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