5 Steps For Hiring And Onboarding Stage

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 22, 2022

5 Steps For Hiring And Onboarding Stage

Fresh Grad #Hiring - 4 of 4


1. The welcome

Fresh grads tend be nervous & unsure on their first day.

- Don't isolate them in a waiting room for hours on end.

- HR should greet them as soon as they arrive.

- Use small talk & humor to ease the butterflies.

- Fast track seat assignment & swag.

- Make intros quickly.

2. Buddy up

When pairing them with someone they should shadow, pick someone who has been in their shoes fairly recently like an employee with 1 year of experience.

They will be able to relate better to the new hire's situation & guide them accordingly.

3. Onboarding material

When expecting a fresh grad hire, know what skill deficit he/she will need to cover & assign an appropriate onboarding program.

Prepare a list of documents, videos & courses they need to take & set a timeline.

A LMS works great, especially if you're hiring in bulk.

4. Trainings

Don't cram trainings in a day.

Try to conduct short sessions over a number of days for better information retention.

5. Attention

Fresh grads crave for time & mentorship.

Ease this by setting up weekly 1:1s to check up on progress & discuss obstacles.

6. Appreciate

When they finish their first task successfully, praise & encourage them. Make them feel they made an impact.

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