5 Questions To Understand Your Customers

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 7, 2022

5 Questions To Understand Your Customers

Most B2B, SaaS teams will find that their users almost always resort to one piece of tech in parallel to their product.

It's like comfort food for them. Whenever they feel they need a little extra data firepower, they find themselves in a Disneyland of rows & columns.

I'm no different. Despite having a CRM, ATS and Project tool, we still play around with a few sheets containing leads, positions or tasks.

Now, for Product Managers, this ritual can be a goldmine of insights.

If you get into casual chitchat with your customers, see if they share more about their spreadsheet habits:

1. What does the sheet format look like?

(can you build a dashboard around it?)

2. What insights are they working towards?

(what are key metrics they prioritize?)

3. Who do they share this sheet with?

(are they trying to impress someone? Who is involved?)

4. What actions are typically taken as a result?

(Is it just a vanity exercise or are there real stakes attached?)

5. How often do they build this spreadsheet?

(is it a one-off activity or a monthly endeavor consuming time? )

The answers to these can generate many ideas to serve additional value to your customers.

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