3 Thoughts On Data-driven Product Managers

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 11, 2022

3 Thoughts On Data-driven Product Managers

There's this buzzword I've seen Product Managers use relentlessly in how they describe themselves.


Cool. A few points here:

1. Data > Analytics

Data isn't always pulled from an analytics tool or spreadsheet.

Market or industry research is data.

A group of users sharing similar experiences or problems is data.

A customer anecdote laced with emotion is data.

Surveys, expert opinions, competitor moves, forum trends - all data.

Moreover, data isn't always served at a mouse click.

It can be a taxing endeavor at times.

We need to read a lot of the signals in the air, dust off the bias as best as we can and then process these "data points" to formulate a hypothesis.

2. Accuracy is relative

Take RICE prioritization, A/B testing or tech estimation.

Parameters like confidence & story points are best guesses, not hard truths.

Moreover, try reconciling Analytics data with your database/server records. There's a lot of sampling & estimation in play.

You need to read data for what it really is.

3. Interpretation is king

Even once there is quantifiable evidence, you still have to convert that into a favorable action.

That's the REAL goal.

A gut-based decision that delivered more impact still wins despite our "love for data".

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