2 Types Of Stress

Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aatir Abdul Rauf


Aug 7, 2022

2 Types Of Stress

You're not using all of your available brainpower.

Let me explain.

A few years ago, I was in the middle of a series of exams for a side course I was taking.

For one particular exam, I prepped hard as usual & gave it my best shot.

Later that day, a classmate came up to me to ask me how I did.

During the conversation, he revealed to me that it was crucial to pass this specific exam.


It was a necessary core subject.

Failing it meant regardless of what you did in the other exams, you'd have to repeat the class.

While this did send a shiver down my spine, there wasn't much I could do as I had already given the exam.

But I was sure of one thing.

Had I known this fact before the exam, I'd be freaking out.

This made me realize that there are types of stress:

1. Type 1 keeps you alert and aware to help you maintain focus. It keeps you from taking things too easy. This is the type I typically had for each exam.

2. Type 2 drowns you in anxiety with nightmarish hypotheticals. It adds a mental burden & slows you down.

Type 2 stress consumes a chunk of your brainpower that could have been utilized otherwise.

Most of us (esp workaholics) harbor Type 2.

We don't realize that we willfully give up a part of our energy to thoughts that make us doubt ourselves.

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