Hi, I'm Aatir. I write about how to build & grow products that matter.

With over a decade of experience in Product Management and marketing, I share practical tips and knowledge on achieving product & business success.

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I fuse Product & Marketing to help ship products that matter.

Even the best products can fail if they have a poor go-to-market strategy. Along navigating the dev kitchen to build compelling products, I help teams create avenues to put the product in the hand of customers.

Think Product Management, Product Marketing, Sales Enablement, Demand Generation & CRM Automation.

Industries I specialize in

Recruitment Technologies
e.g. sourcing, applicant tracking, video assessments, employee onboarding
Online Events Platforms
e.g. virtual career fairs, online trade shows, virtual conferences
B2C Classifieds
e.g. automobile portals, general classifieds, community building

What I’m Writing About These Days

Past Projects

PAKWHEELS.COM         2009-2011

Grew an Automobile Marketplace to National Dominance

Doubled traffic to 1.3 Million Uniques/month in 24 months
SEO, Improving Search UX, Enhancing Product Design
YALLAMOTOR.COM            2011 - 2013

Led Launch of a Top Auto Classifieds in the Middle East


Took the website to 50K uniques/month in 6 months after launch and entered top 3 car review sites in MENA.

Market Research, Rapid Prototyping, SEO, SEM

What I’m currently involved in

TALENTERA         2014 - CURRENT

Managing one of MENA’s leading applicant tracking systems

Designed premium features like Requisitions, Scorecarding & Onboarding tools, enabling upsells resulting in multiple 6-figure deals
Competitive Research, Product Design, Specs, Wireframing
vFAIRS                 2014 - CURRENT

Building Rapid Growth for a leading Virtual Events Platform


Led the online marketing unit and grew lead generation from zero to 500+ enterprise-level sales qualified leads every month. 

Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEM, PR, Social Media, Copywriting.

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Fast-growing Products I’m excited about

AFTERHIRE         2018 - CURRENT

Working on a World-Class Employee Onboarding Solution

Led a product team to build a highly configurable employee onboarding solution that sold to 11 enterprise customers (1,000 employees+) in the Middle East in the first 12 months of operations. 
Competitive Research, Prototyping, Product Management, Email Marketing

What Others Say About Aatir

Aatir set the tone of his work by being quick, insightful and detailed on his first product management task at Confiz. From then on, he continued to push the boundaries and work closely with development, beyond what was required of him as a product manager. Aatir is an exceptional Product Manager.
Syed Ali
Aatir is naturally inclined to do product management. He knows where to look for to conduct complete in-depth market research and has a gifted sense of UI/UX/Feature design. His work at our company was greatly appreciated by peers, seniors and juniors. Aatir takes on new challenges with utmost motivation and takes complete ownership and responsibility of completing those challenges. He also possesses a pleasant personality and is easy going -- gels very well in a team environment.
Zartash Afzal Uzmi
Confiz Solutions

Areas I Excel at


Spec Writing

Content Strategy

Email Marketing


My Preferred Tech Stack