Your webinar strategy makes or breaks your virtual event.

Picture this:

You're at the circus. A tightrope walker called Rongo comes out. You're anticipating some amazing action.

Rongo first wanders around the circus floor making faces. No one is impressed.

Then, he climbs the tall pole taking his time which gets a little boring. Also, you notice that you can barely see him because of the poor lighting.

His walk is hardly graceful.

Two minutes in you're yawning & are rightfully distracted by the clown getting into a canon in the background.

Rongo is like a webinar speaker that is ill-prepared, has a terrible audio/video/lighting setup & simply isn't, for the lack of a better word, "webinar-genic".

As organizers, we get insanely obsessed with bringing people from big logo companies without looking at their previous outings.

A bad webinar can kill the momentum of the event. And the virtual setting makes the barrier to exit even lower.


Pay attention to the energy & finesse a speaker brings to their talk.

If you feel they're super important personalities but are not cutting it in live, consider switching to a pre-recorded edited session.

Your guest speaker roster need to have stage presence. Audition them if you have to.