Have you ever worked as an internal product manager?

An internal PM is responsible to solve a company-facing problem for employees, usually with the help of a tech solution.

I tasted this flavor when I was building a sales gamification tool for Bayt's sales team.

In case you land such a gig, here are some tips:

1. Find the customer

The main stakeholder may not be the one who handed you the project.

Interview around to find whose goals closely align with the problem you're solving.

2. Size your influence

Figure out what company resources you have at your disposal (software, people etc.) & what authority you've been granted to inflict change.

3. Check the shelf

Before you go on a mission to build a smashing SaaS product, explore off-the-shelf options.

You may need to just purchase/configure rather than build.

4. Seize the data

You'll find data will be all over the place. Lean towards automation even if have to script. Keep data entry ops as backup.

5. Create pressure

It's easy to get comfortable with no client. Mandate hard deadlines on yourself.

6. Evangelize hard

Email, Slack, Videos, Workshops. Keep selling to employees.

7. Float the metrics

Regularly advertise adoption metrics & NPS surveys to leadership.