Contrary to the general perception, Product Managers are not always writing specs or measuring metrics.

Like any other role, a huge chunk of work goes into overheads & housekeeping tasks.

Ex: fixing copy, updating a spreadsheet, pacifying a customer, preparing a report & ad-hoc troubleshooting.

So, along with roadmap prioritization, PMs need to pick & choose their battles with their personal checklist too.

My process:

1. I maintain a personal Asana board on my secondary monitor which lists all my tasks for the day.

2. I update statuses & shuffle cards on an hourly basis.

3. My first reaction to any task: Can I delegate it (or parts of it)? If yes, I get that ball rolling.

4. Then, I find quick trivial tasks that I can get through in 10 minute bursts. This builds momentum.

5. Finally, I tackle complex items requiring brain power. Of course, I need to ensure I have enough time left for these. It's a juggling act.

The trick to all of this?

Knowing how much effort is justified for a given task.

Do you need to prepare a lengthy doc with screenshots or will an email suffice?

Does the task warrant a report or a quick call?

Do it now or postpone it?

Understanding "good enough" is crucial for delivering max impact as a PM.