Question: "What questions can I ask at the end of the interview to understand the product culture of the company?"

1. Ask them about the product vision.

Bad: sounds like a set of features.

Good: sounds like an inspiring better life for the customer

2. Who is in the product team and how is structured?

Bad: Just PMs and a C-level exec

Good: Combination of PMs, engineers, designers and analysts empowered to win.

3. Who owns the roadmap?

Bad: Comes from the top or sales-driven

Good: Collaborative effort led by PMs

4. Who talks to the customers?

Bad: Relationship is guarded by sales or management.

Good: Anyone can. Full access for PMs

5. How is customer Intel democratized across the team today?

Bad: Documented and shared via memo

Good: Analyzed & discussed in weekly meetings

6. What nagging challenge would the inclusion of a Product Manager solve for them?

Bad: They need a documentation caddie, extra pair of hands or someone to throw at a client.

Good: they need someone to research the customer, highlight top opportunities & rally the team to build.

7. Assess how passionate they are when they speak about the product.

Bad: they sound like a robot with low battery.

Good:They can't shut up about the possibilities.