Some voices on LI constantly urge audiences to embrace entrepreneurship as if its the only way to financial freedom.

I wonder whether these "entrepreneurship evangelists" also tell the people they've hired at their ventures to go pursue their dreams & ditch their "employment slavery".

Look, entrepreneurship is a noble but risky endeavor.

Someone who takes the plunge deserves credit & should be supported. After all, a new business promotes economic activity in addition to job creation.

However, it's not meant for everyone.

Every individual's situation is different. Not everyone can afford to entertain the risk & that's perfectly OK.

No one should feel pressured or ashamed into it either.

Aatir, but what about financial freedom? Isn't employment one step away from poverty?

Sure, by all means, diversify your income portfolio. This can still be done through thoughtful investments & side hustles. It's not antithetical to employment.

I'd suggest reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

It gives an honest picture of the baffling struggles behind Nike's success story.

While Nike's journey was exceptionally challenging due to the limitations of that era, it does give you a sense that the grit & resilience needed isn't for everyone.