Product Marketing is one of those roles where you have to learn to make the most of the cards you're dealt with.

When engineering throughput is less than desirable, PMMs resort to adding some spin to their product update headlines & newsletters.

You know what I mean.


Feature promo:
"Find your item in no time with our new enhanced search!"

What it actually is:
The search bar now searches the keyword through 3 columns on a listing instead of one.

Feature promo:
"Get done with work with a few clicks with the all new intuitive navigation!"

What it actually is:
The navigation bar has new icons.

Feature promo:
"Our new and improved geo-search will let you find items near you in a cinch."

What it actually is:
The lookup values in the city field have been updated.

Feature promo
"Extract raw data to enable advanced analysis to mine key insights."

What it actually is:
Added export to csv feature.

Product Marketers
are like those hair thickening sprays.

Spray them on a thin area & they'll puff up the volume to build an impressive façade.

The reality, however, is just that behind many hype trains, there really happens to be an innocent engineering patch.