If you're looking to build an exceptional support team that makes customers go gaga over you, your team just needs to adhere to ONE guiding principle.

What's that?

It's captured in this Hadith:

"And let him treat people as he would love to be treated"

-- Saheeh Muslim 1844

That's all.

This is what makes you:

- give timely updates to that customer with a rare issue.

- do that extra check before the build goes live.

- drop handwritten notes in shipments to your loyal users.

It's also the tool that helps during hard conversations.

Unhappy customer going off on a rant?

Do a table flip. Feel.

Yes, you won't be able to give into every demand. You may not have license to approve that refund. You surely won't break company policies.

But despite those limitations, you still have the power to choose caring words that you would have expected had you been in the same situation.

A hotel chain once engineered this kind of love by having every new employee stay as a guest at their top hotel for a few nights.

This made the employee appreciate the good parts of their stay.

And the flaws.

This inspired everyone - from janitor to c-level exec - go the extra mile for their customers.


Empathy is the magic sauce to great customer support.