There are 2 types of Product Managers.

a) Task Takers (TT)

b) Task Makers (TM)

They act differently in various situations:

1) When the QA tells them "No bugs reported for the day"

TT: "All is well."

TM: Dogfoods, reviews video playbacks or squeezes in a customer interview.

2) When the C-level exec issues a demand

TT: Drops everything & adds a Code Red task as is.

TM: Analyzes the root problem. Validates urgency. Examines with customer evidence. Discusses with the team. Plans it properly.

3) When the designer shares a mockup

TT: Adds it to the JIRA ticket.

TM: Collaborates to ensure design decisions align with user goals.

4) When the customer makes a request

TT: Loads it in the backlog.

TM: Understands the problem & crafts the best possible solution.

5) When sales highlights a missing feature as a deal breaker

TT: Creates panic & pushes tech to deliver on time.

TM: Analyzes if it makes sense. Plans iteratively with a MVP or explores work arounds or just says "no".

6) When marketing issues product copy

TT: Uses it verbatim.

TM: Ensures it makes sense for various personas.

7) Successful release?

TT: Basks in the glory.

TM: Sends out a memo recognizing team. Takes them out to lunch. Shines the spotlight on them.