Fresh Grad Hiring - 2 of 4


1. Budgets

If you're hiring fresh grads after a while, have HR evaluate what the market rate really is for universities you're targeting.

This tends to fluctuate frequently.

What was "above market pay" a year ago, might not be applicable anymore.

2. Career Services

Make great friends with Career services of universities you're targeting.

They can help you setup seminars, amplify your brand & highlight top talent.

Do NOT treat them as if they work for you & as if you're doing them a favor. Collaborate as equals.

3. Job descriptions

Adjust the tone of your JD from formal to inspirational. Don't copy paste templates.

Don't ask for 3 years of experience or proven expertise in React. These are fresh grads for crying out loud.

Speak to the audience.

4. Your Career Portal

If you're allowing candidates to apply online, expect:

- CVs with thin content (don't apply hard disqualifying filters in your ATS)

- CVs with sections on their work in clubs, societies etc. (we tend to roll our eyes over these but closer inspection can reveal certain traits like high agency)

- long templated cover letters (yes, these can be annoying but check if they made an effort to customize to the JD)

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