As we count down the final few days to the glorious month of Ramadan, I thought I'd share few notes/material for Muslim working professionals to start preparing for it.

First, here's a 20-min talk from last year that this aajiz gave on this topic in case anyone is interested:

Other tips:

1- Plan for growth from last year

Much like our professionals goals, we need to have growth goals for our spiritual selves too.

Sit down & benchmark all the deeds you performed last Ramadan for activities like Tilawat, Nafl, Sadaqah, Taraweeh, Dhikr, Hifz, Dua etc.

If you were unable to recite the entire Holy Quran at least once last year or missed out on Taraweeh, plan to make amends.

Set a higher target for each activity above what you achieved last year. Break it down to a daily goal & start planning. Treat it like a mission.

2- I hope people in Pakistan will have relaxed work schedules but for those abroad, consider blocking your calendars for important parts of the day across the month e.g. 20 minutes before Iftaar. Our Mashaikh equated the duas done at this time to blank cheques - don't miss out!

3- Working late nights? Adopt Qayloolah (afternoon nap) to take the edge off & still make it for Tahajjud. Works wonders.