Let's say you run a kebab shop. The best one in town.

Lunch time.

A beaming Tesla turns into your street.

It neatly parks in front of your store.

A man in a crisp suit exits the car.

In cinematic slow motion, you watch this guy from the window stride towards your door with purpose.

The chime of the cash register slowly plays in your head.

And then...

A guy in a blue jersey & skin-tight jeans jumps in front of the path of this awe-inspiring man.

You can't hear the conversation from inside the store but to your horror, this guys takes your suited hero away on a detour.

A voice inside you screams.

You run to the door and catch a glimpse of the brand on the blue jersey of the one who just stole your prize.

It's the logo of the kebab shop down the street. Your Rival.

Now, would you ever tolerate that?

Well, that's the most common search engine marketing (SEM) tactic in the book.

=> Bid on competitor keywords. Show up when someone searches for your competitor.

Thus, if you've built a brand & care about it, defend it by bidding on your own branded keywords.

While it is odd to pay for customers who already are looking for you, you still have to play the game.

Block the interceptions. Get your fans in your store before someone poaches them.