Online food delivery sales, now catalyzed by the pandemic, are expected to catapult to $223 Billion in a couple of years.

Needless to say, this makes it necessary for every restaurant to establish a digital presence.

However, while most outlets are on marketplaces to gain access to a wide user base, owning a direct online ordering channel will become far more important in the long run.

Some reasons:

1. Profitability. Instead of dishing out sizable commissions, owning the delivery channel allows you to extend margins.

2. Growing a CRM that opens the door to retargeting, flexible retention campaigns, relationship building & personalization.

3. Funneling in prospects into your branded website or mobile app affects conversions as you lock out distractions & competitor choice.

4. Over time, you build a goldmine of data & insights that can feed your recommendation engines & predictive analytics to calibrate pricing, copy, imagery, combos & offers.

Thus, restaurants will need to seriously consider SaaS platforms that let them develop this online sales channel with ease, reasonable cost & configurability.

Ex: the MENAP-focused are making massive strides with their online delivery solution by equipping restaurants & groceries with a digital arm.