They say that a phone charges faster in airplane mode.

I guess some like me will be applying that principle in Ramadan by whittling down our social media activity in favor of much-needed spiritual recharging.

I'll resume my posting schedule in mid-May after Eid InshaAllah.

However, feel free to DM me questions you'd like me to weigh in on after the break.

Provided lockdowns ease up, we might even have a little meet-up in a couple Pak cities to discuss PM issues. How does that sound?

Thoughts before I sign off:

1- Avoid Sweeping generalizations

All recruiters are not evil.

All candidates are not opportunistic.

All managers aren't exploitative.

All employees aren't devious.

Please stop using absolutes for people.

This "paintbrush" logic is exactly what ultimately manifests as racism & stereotypes.

Humanize "they".

We are all ultimately people with families, homes & problems.

"They" are more like us than we think.

2- Data isn't the north star.

Sure, data is a powerful guiding tool for PMs but don't use it as a crutch.

Accept that data may not always be available, useful or plentiful to make decisions on.

Don't pit data against basic human empathy.

3- You don't always have to be right to be respected.

Ramadan Mubarak!