Every experienced Product Manager needs a portfolio when they're job hunting.

Reminds me of a little story:

A few years ago, we were looking for a Product leader for Yallamotor. I was looking for a seasoned professional with experience in MENA.

HR forwarded a profile to me of a person from Uruguay. I skimmed through the resume and was going to dismiss it due to lack of regional experience.

However, this person sent through a detailed portfolio of all the products he had worked on and the results he had achieved.

It was so impressive and relevant to our needs that I was compelled to request for a web conference interview.

In the end, we hired him. He became a rockstar GM of the product and took it to new heights.

However, I will concede that I wouldn't have setup that interview had he not attached that portfolio document.

I'm attaching a little Canva template that Product Managers can potentially use to create their own version.

Build a little deck that shows the features & products you worked on, the results & what you specifically did in those projects.

(note: Shahid Misaalwala is a fictional product manager. All resemblances to an actual person is purely coincidental :P)

Hope it helps.