If there's one thing I can't stress enough to my friends seeking jobs, it's to never burn bridges.

A couple of stories from my network:

Person 1 (P1)

P1 was referred to a hiring manager by a contact in his network to seek advice.

The manager wasn't really hiring but still wanted to help him out. He had a limited budget & said he could hire him at a low figure.

P1 proceeded to scold the manager for attempting to low-ball him & stormed out.

Month later, the manager's company got funding. He was then hiring at 3x the initial budget. He didn't call P1.

Person 2 (P2)

P2 cleared a series of interviews with managers & c-level execs. They wanted to offer.

During this time, she got another offer from Europe. She decided to stop responding to the initial company's HR & flew out.

They both failed to realize that how, by hurting a relationship, they prematurely shut the door on future conversations.

When you meet multiple people in a company, chances are they will each be hiring in different companies 3 to 5 years later. And sadly, people have a hard time forgetting negative feelings.

Sure, you don't have to suck up but you can be cool. P1 could have kindly declined. P2 could have informed about the change in her situation.

Learn to walk away gracefully.