If you're a Product Manager or entrepreneur looking to ace customer learning interviews, you need to read the "Mom Test" by Robert Fitzpatrick.

I listened to it in Audible where Robert practices what he preaches by making it sound he's having a casual Zoom call with you.

Key takeaway:

1. Asking leading questions will always result in poor data which will inform wrong business decisions.

You can only extract the truth by asking questions that are difficult to answer with fluff.

2. The success of a customer research meeting is dependent on the volume of learning made, not compliments received or chances of an instant sale.

3. Finding out the prospect you interviewed is not a customer doesn't count as a failed meeting.

4. Ask about behavioral specifics in the past and learn about customer's lives. Did deeper when they exude emotions.

5. Stop making them formal. Talk like someone asking a friend for advice rather than a newscaster.

6. All meetings aren't scheduled. A chat at a café or serendipitous bump in at an event are opportunities you should seize.

7. Talk less. Listen more.

8. Warm intros are the best way to keep sourcing meaningful meetings.