Fresh Grad Hiring - 3 of 4


1. Get the interviewers on the same page

Hiring is a team sport.

It's important that all evaluators are informed of what the bar is for fresh grads. Often, I see managers asking the same hard questions they would to senior folks.

From HR screening to tech interviews, agree with all involved on what an ideal fresh grad hire would be like.

2. Adapt the questions

Focus more on potential, problem solving & soft skills than knowledge breadth and experience.

3. Bulk hiring

When you have many vacancies open, making shortlists can be tough since data in CVs is sparse.

Use video assessments with relevant questions - it immediately highlights promising candidates. Reduces effort & cost.

You can also use standardized tests as long as they test the skill required. Ex: use CCAT if the job requires content creation or number crunching.

4. During interviews:

- Calm down their nerves with small talk.

- Offer hints when they get stuck.

- Don't judge them if they ask a naïve question.

- if they fell short, give constructive feedback. If we all help improve the grass roots talent, the entire industry will benefit.

- Lay out the salary & perks clearly.

- Explain the career ladder for the role.

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