You'd make much more convincing marketing messages if you internalize one fact early on:

Your potential prospects don't care about your product. They just care about the problem they're solving.

Yet, marketers often resort to using "vanity" propositions.

"We're powered by state-of-the-art AI"

Your prospect: Cool. That's what my air conditioner says too. Pff, tell me what that does for me.

"We're blockchain experts."

Your prospect: Does that mean you're good at lego? Enlighten me what that does for my broken business processes.

"We've got 50,000 integrations."

Your prospect: Oh wow. Way to go. Quick question: Can I exchange the 49,999 that I won't be using for a talking cat?

"We're using the same tech stack as Google."

Your prospect: Well, that makes two of us. I use Google search, mail & maps every day. Sigh.

"Our data is hosted on AWS."

Your prospect: Yea, I'd be positively freaking out to learn it was hosted on Mars. Elon says we're still 15 years out.

"We're a cloud-based platform."

Your prospect: Oh like...all of the others players in the space? Neat. Take my money.

Tip: Stop using sensationalism & bloated buzzwords.

Use messages that explain in plain words how you solve the problem differently than others.