If you wanted to emulate Virat Kohli's or Babar Azam's success, what would you ask them?

Do you think inquiring what bats they use would endow you with their run-making prowess?

No, the bat is just a tool.

Hand it to some amateur and they'd probably have a hard time lifting it, let alone clearing the infield.

However, if you handed the two cricketers a lesser bat, they'd still make something of it.

Similarly, Product Management is much more than surrounding yourself with tools & wallowing in a tech stack.

Shifting to the latest AI-powered product roadmap tool isn't going to transform your uptake or sparkle your metrics.

They surely might be able to streamline processes and add some efficiency.

But they don't auto-magically highlight a shortcut to product-market fit.

That requires a mindset rooted in curiosity and an acute obsession for the customer problem, enabling technology and consumer experience.

So, your product management approach needs to be your foremost concern. Your toolset should simply facilitate that.

Don't do it the other way around.