For all those friends going through a challenging time in their life/career, my thoughts & prayers go out to you. Here are my 2 cents:

Cent 1 - Gratitude for what you have today takes the misery out of not having what you don't.

Cent 2 - You're not alone.

Like you, there are several others working on mundane, repetitive roles.

Like you, there are several others crushed under inhumane workload.

Like you, there are several others who are just numbers on a spreadsheet seldom appreciated for their hard work.

Like you, there are several others who choose not to change their situation for fear of instability & not being "good enough".

Take action:

1. Talk to someone.

Even if your situation isn't changing, sharing your challenges with a loved one can shed the mental burden. It's cathartic. Give your pain a voice.

2. Take baby steps.

Not sure whether you are worthy of that job? One step at a time.

Step 1 - take a relevant course.

Step 2 - brush up your resume.

Step 3 - apply.

Step 4 - follow up.

You need to realize that every mountain is made up of stones. Focus on moving the stones, not the mountain.

3. Give value.

When you help others without expectation of anything in return, the pleasantly unexpected often comes your way.