Your product/feature is ready. You're about to take it to market.

Here's a little launch checklist for PMs:

1. Perform a few cycles to check copy, onboarding layer & primary flows.
2. Double check trackers are in place.
3. Prep a worst-case protocol e.g. full rollback
4. Assign launch roles e.g. on-call personnel
5. Execute roll out strategy e.g. Opt-in beta

1. Finalize messaging & positioning.
2. Update the marketing site.
3. Write a how-to blog /thought leadership article.
4. Develop a 2-minute promo or explainer video.
5. Queue update on next newsletter.
6. Make noise on social / write a PR.

1. Conduct a webinar with hands-on training.
2. Explain the scope, what it can/cannot do, tentative roadmap & value proposition.
3. Update sales presentation, brochures, 1-pagers, FAQs.
4. Role play to test how they present the feature.

1. Share a document detailing the feature & troubleshooting cases.
2. Update content on KB / Help desk. Add a new category.
2. Provision demo to let them practice.
4. Update chat + email support scripts.

1. Evangelize using a townhall demo.
2. Share a sample account to let people play with the feature.
3. Share videos & material for further learning.