Here are the 9 Levels of how customers perceive your product:

[let's assume product's name = Zorpao, a virtual workout subscription app]

L1 = Oblivion
"So, you're leading product at Zorpao? Never heard of it."

L2 = Distant hint
"Zorpao? I think you're doing something in the fitness space, right?"

L3 = Floating social
"I use MyFitnessPal for my workouts. I have friends who use Zorpao but never used it myself."

L4 = Shared stage
"Yea, I've used My Fitness Pal, Sworkit & Zorpao in the past. Good apps."

L5 = Growing preference
"Used quite a few but been preferring Zorpao lately. It works for me."

L6 = Admiration w/ evidence
"I love Zorpao. By far, the best fitness app there. Dropped 10 pounds in a month with it."

L7 = Indispensability
"I don't know what I'd do without Zorpao. It's a lifesaver, seriously."

L8 = Ambassadorship
"You're trying to cut weight? Dude! Forget everything else. Zorpao is all you need!"

L9 = Cult member
* Sees someone post something negative about Zorpao. Summons meme, roast and troll squad. *

What level is your product at?