If you want to excel as a #Product Manager, make sure you've got the 8Ds covered.

1. Domain
Become the most knowledgeable about your industry. Convert those insights into your competitive advantage.

2. Discovery
Research your #customers throughly. Interview & observe them. Be a detective.

3. Data
Learn how to sanitize it, interpret it & benchmark it. Note: #Data without action is like a bow without an arrow.

4. Differentiation
Figure out how you can solve a customer problem better than others.

5. Design
Aim for functionally elegant design with a low learning curve & delightful #UX.

6. Discernment
Analyze all sides to a problem. While planning a future release, think about how it gels with what already exists. Traverse the edge cases. Beware of caveats.

7. Decisions
You'll have to call the shots. Not just the big ones, but several small ones too. Remember: the small ones add up to be pretty big in the long run.

8. Delivery
Talk is cheap. Nothing has been achieved unless you ship & place the #product in your customer's hands.